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The Establishment's Betrayal

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The Secret Iatrogenic Epidemic (part 2)

In the reader’s opinion: Is the medical system a-or the leading cause of death and injury in Australia?

The 1995 book “Bad Medicine”, by Australian investigative journalist, John Archer, revealed an epidemic level of iatrogenic harm; that is harm arising from medical treatment as distinct from the patient’s disorder.

His meta-analysis of some of the public domain medical literature caused him to conclude there are approximately 50,000 iatrogenic deaths occurring each year. With a toll accumulating over decades, this continuous predictable epidemic seems to far exceed the number of Australian service personnel killed in all of the wars in which Australia has been a combatant

That public domain medical literature was available to Australia’s health care Establishment; the medical profession creating the iatrogenic epidemic, Australia’s governments and their health departments who sponsored it and the mainstream media that promotes medical treatment.

Guardians of the public wellbeing share a duty of care to protect citizens from harm, the greater the risk the greater the obligation. A continuing epidemic with thousands of deaths per year justifies a saturation level of publicity making iatrogenesis better known than 911.

The industry dealing with illness management is one of the largest employers. The livelihood of millions of Australians directly and indirectly relies upon the viability of public health.  The structure and function of the illness industry relies upon the media fostering the dangerous false deception of the medical system’s acceptable safety and of medicine’s impeccable trustworthiness as a guardian of patient safety. The health care Establishment's deception protects jobs and incomes; but it comes at the price of public ignorance and that imperils many thousands of future victims of the iatrogenic epidemic.

Chiropractors are aware that Archer’s conclusions create a classic conflict of interests between protecting the interests of the illness industry or the health and lives of public patients. Australia’s health care Establishment has had to show its true allegiance. 

Chiropractors watched as Australia’s health care Establishment responded by continuing the deception that public health is acceptably safe.  Their decade of informed total silence about the iatrogenic epidemic protects the interests of the illness industry while betraying patient and public interests.

As members of a well-informed professional body, chiropractor shared many, sometimes heated discussions, about what motivates thousands of seeming honourable people to contribute toward the decades of concealment by a failure to reveal.

Some chiropractors found it unbelievable that seeming honourable people are so corrupt that they are an informed party to a massive reprehensible betrayal of patient and public interests. Chiropractors needed to test if the health care Establishment is corrupt to its core.  

The integrity of both the media and the government could be challenged by CAA (WA) calling for an end to permitting the iatrogenic epidemic to be concealed and allowing the horrific extent of iatrogenic harm to continue without challenge.

In 2000 CAA (WA) made a submission to the WA department of health calling for decisive action to correct the horrifying problem of medical iatrogenesis.  The iatrogenic section of the submission was then widely circulated to Australia’s mainstream media and federal and WA state MPs.  Chiropractors know that they know.

The comment section of the submission is well worth thoughtfully reading; it included:

“These admissions, from leading members of the medical profession, are almost mind-bending in their implications.  The medical profession can no longer claim to be the protector of public health.  It can claim, with justification, to be one of the prime causes of unnecessary death and disability in Australia.  It can no longer justify its attempts to retard the development of other health professions on the pretext of safeguarding public health.  It is past time for it to concentrate its energies on rectifying its own tragic mistakes. It appears that the stature and influence of the medical profession are the reasons why this tragic situation has not been widely disseminated by the news media.

Unless the new Medical Act specifically addresses this issue it will be swept under the carpet and treated as if it didn’t exist.  Action, even if unpleasant and unpopular, must be taken to correct the horrifying problem of medical iatrogenesis.”

Submitting this information and requesting that action ‘to correct the horrifying problem of medical iatrogenesis” in effect permitted chiropractors to test the integrity of these three supposedly trustworthy pillars of Australia’s society.

The publication of the submission challenged the media to fully investigate and truthfully report on the accuracy of the submission’s content. If, what CAA (WA) submitted was false and misleading, publicise that. If it was accurate then verification of the medical literature would create an obligation to adequately forewarn potential victims of the epidemic.

Public protection requires that the media inform the public about the epidemic level of ‘unnecessary death and disability’ due to ‘the horrifying problem of medical iatrogenesis’. Instead the media has continued to endanger the safety of medical patients because of its dangerous false deception of both the medical system’s acceptable safety as well as medicine’s impeccable trustworthiness as a guardian of patient safety. For 13 years Australia’s media has continued a deception that has endangered and still endangers future victims of the iatrogenic epidemic.

Australia’s mainstream media positions itself as a guardian of what is right and proper, criticising religious bodies for their informed silence and inaction about child abuse. Yet, Australia’s mainstream media has for years been, and continues to be a collective party to similar informed silence and inaction about Australia’s iatrogenic epidemic.

The media has not informed patients that the medical public health complex is a-or the prime cause of unnecessary death and disability in Australia and hence that the medical profession can no longer claim to be the protector of public health.

Instead the media’s continuing support of the false image of medicine’s impeccable trustworthiness as a guardian of patient safety still underwrites medical attempts to retard the development of other health professions on the pretext of safeguarding public health

Chiropractors and chiropractic patients are aware of the medical profession’s pretext of safeguarding public health by opposing chiropractic. We understand the true motive of medicine’s global turf war. It’s intent is to secure the ‘turf’ of subluxation related disorders so that many millions of patients will receive comparatively dangerous medical treatment of subluxation related symptoms, rather than have safer chiropractic care of the subluxations.

The betrayal also relies upon the government’s concealment of the iatrogenic toll. The motive was well summarised in a conversation with an MP.  Why is the coalition inactive about the iatrogenic epidemic? It’s not an election issue. How would you define an election issue? It’s an issue that could cost us our seats.    I appreciated his candour.

The media is silent about the concealment of the magnitude of the iatrogenic epidemic. Think of it as a processing line where Archer’s 50000 iatrogenic deaths go in one end and the system allows reallocation of cause of death, the classification system lacks essential categories but allows alternative non-iatrogenic categories to be used and out pops the government’s estimate of iatrogenic deaths of 259.

Archer's perspective was confirmed when in March 2004 Le Magazine published; As We See It, Dangerous Medicine; 3 MDs and a PhD reported: “The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US".

Throughout the 13 years since CAA (WA) made its submission informed chiropractors have watched a remarkable betrayal; a cover up of the most serious nature by people in power who are answerable to no higher authority. But like religion, public health is a faith based institution.

A medical true believer's unquestioning faith in the health care Establishment may end with discovering, understanding and owning the extent of the betrayal by this dark side of Medicine. Faith is replaced by scepticism and protective mistrust.

Importantly, that new paradigm encourages people to protect their own wellbeing by seeking health with minimal resort to drugs and/or surgery.  Those of us who owe a gread deal to the bright side of Medicine are wary of its use.

Discussing iatrogenesis with people ( including some chiropractors ) who are still unquestioning medical true believers creates a remarkable contrast. When the topic is raised they switch off, they go glassy eyed and non-absorbent. Hence they have not read the literature exposing the iatrogenic epidemic, but they deny its existence. Remaining totally ignorant may expose the very people whose health and lives depend upon being extremely well informed about an increased risk of ‘the horrifying problem of medical iatrogenesis’.

I welcome constructive critiques from chiropractors. 

Michael McKibbin

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Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


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