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Changing Cubicles

On the left of the hallway we have the adjusting area with four cubicles and two adjusting rooms.

This view looks past the cubicles through the adjusting room toward a courtyard garden.

Numerous ceiling discs from light shafts proved to be very effective. 
At times I still mistakenly try to switch off the electric light



The cubicle reading material is changed frequently.  Patients read and comment about it. 
They take the new patient questionnaires and business cards.


The hinged flap, which is built into the gown cabinet door works very well. 
The round container on top is for pot pourie.


Your Chiropractor

Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


October 2010
This is the October 2010 newsletter.

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